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EcoFriendly and Ethic tourism with direct contribution

local transport, local commerce, homestays.


Slow Tourism

take one's own measure of time

night sky observation and thematic activities in situ


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The Concept of Travel


TerrAntipodia offers to individual travelers to develop with their guide organizer, a tailor-made journey of time and space, according to a approach of approach in local transport, small group inferior to 10 people and in accommodation of charm or at the inhabitant, to a destination they have chosen.


To develop the trip, the Organizing Guide presents first of all through a round table slideshow, the destination for future travelers. These define, knowingly, the steps to be preferred, which are then organized and arranged according to the advice of the Organizing Guide.


The Organizing Guide develops, locates and organizes the tour that has been defined in advance with the group, always master of its discovery. The realized journey is the culmination of a common project. In this, each trip is unique and unpublished because it corresponds to the singular expectation of the group in the choice of rhythm, duration, theme. It takes time to really enjoy the trip.


The Organizing Guide provides accompaniment and guidance on site throughout the tour. He can, at the request of the group, call on local guides according to the requirements and usefulness of the place visited (museums, classified sites, nature reserves).


The Organizing Guide works optionally in pairs with a professional Photographer who follows the group and creates the full report of the trip. The choice of sites during the trip is determined by the best times for photography so that travelers discover the places of visit in their optimal aesthetic condition.

The choice of accommodation, catering, transport and visits is linked to the participation of Travelers in an eco-friendly approach by focusing on the local economy, the support of a school or a social development project, while guaranteeing standards of safety, health and basic comfort of rigor. The goal is to immerse the Travelers in the heart of a culture to privilege the exchange and the personal and intimate discovery with the inhabitants.


The Organizing Guide provides the link between the various providers who enter the composition of the circuit and the Travelers whose information they have had prior.

As an option, The accompanying photographer is the artist witness of these looks, these conversations, these impalpable moments that will make the soul of this journey.


The permanent exchange, from the creation to the unfolding, and the memory of the Voyage, is the key that TerrAntipodia offers to feel intimately breathing, singing and dancing, the Soul of the Earth that welcomes the Traveler.