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EcoFriendly and Ethic tourism with direct contribution

local transport, local commerce, homestays.


Slow Tourism

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night sky observation and thematic activities in situ


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The service


Based on the trust between the Voyageur and TerrAntipodia the proposed service has specific features that make the TerrAntipodia original:


no commission levied for the benefit of sale on a purchase and / or prior reservation:

          - air transport and others

          - accommodation

          - visits to paid sites, shows, activities with supplement

          - visa service

          - no booking or file fees


The prices are net, as posted publicly on the websites of airlines, railways, tourist offices and accommodation.

The role of the Organizing Guide in the organizational preparation is to reserve and buy at the net price in place of the Traveler, subject to a deposit paid in advance and fixed by contract corresponding to the air and visa expense. The choice of the airline will have been defined by mutual agreement between the participants according to the tariffs, the desired schedules and the availability. The Traveler can decide himself to pay for his flight via the website of the company concerned. In this case it will settle the flight of the Guide (and Photographer if added) to the signature of the contract.


Potential rate adjustments related to the transfer deadline and currency price fluctuation will be added to the balance 30 days prior to the departure date.


The remuneration of the Organizing Guide Package (and Photographer if added) is fixed by contract in euros and by total number of days corresponding to the duration of the trip. The cost of transport, visas, lodging and meals of the Guide and the Photographer are distributed according to the number of participants.


The services of the Guide (and Photographer if added) will be settled 30 days before the date of departure with the rest of the service defined at the signing of the contract. Travelers can also pay directly to local providers.


The Organizing Guide, because it is not a travel agent, but a service provider as a Guide, does not charge a service fee related to the organization of the trip, except for the eventual identification fees spread over the entire package. of the group.

A cancellation insurance exclusively for the flight and the visa will be added on request at the time of the purchase of the air tickets. Each traveler must ensure that he / she has personal insurance that covers the costs of repatriation and care abroad.


There will be no cancellation fees for other services (accommodation, meals, visits) that will be reimbursed in the event of illness, death or major unforeseen family events except visas and local transport if booked in advance (air, train , boat subject to reservation).

Terrantipodia, as a guiding service provider, declines any support or liability related to an incident, accident or death that occurred during the trip. Minors under the age of 18 participating in a TerrAntipodia guided trip must be covered by their accompanying person or legal guardian.


The Organizing Guide proposes to respect the program established in accordance with the contract recognized by Terrantipodia and the Traveler.

The flexible character, privileging the dialogue and the discovery allows to adapt always according to the wishes of the Traveler the service as it unfolds at its destination. Environmental and meteorological constraints will be taken into account. The Organizing Guide guides and adapts as and when a real "tailor-made" approach to the tourist product.


As an option, The Professional Photographer follows the Traveler by capturing the strong and anecdotal moments of the journey. The Photographer delivers to the Traveler as a couple or single at the end of the trip a CD of the snapshots selected and processed by him, and a private gallery online on the site available for 3 months, allowing the order all-size paper. The Photographer will offer an optional photo album.